Design patent US D569,309 S  "Body shell for two seat vehicle" with production molds.
Price: $100 000

                                                                 The sale includes:
          1.All rights for Design Patent US D569,309S
         2.One set of production molds scale 1:1 including: main body, left and right door, hood, spare tire cover, quarter panel tire cover. Actual dimensions of the body from this mold are:
          Length 3790mm(146in)           
          Width 1625mm (64in) 
          Height 860mm (31.3/4in)
          Wheelbase 2350mm (92.1/2in)
                                                          What can be done with it?
       - you can manufacture a drivable vehicle for those replica lovers
       - you can manufacture a vehicle body kit for replica
       - you can manufacture toys in any scale
       - you can manufacture decoration ( requisite for movies, bars, museums, clubs, private collections...)  
         Below you can see pictures of the production molds.

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