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  The prototype vehicle is based over 1973 VW Beetle chase. Probably this is not the best choice, but it gave a live to my dream! Of course the body can be removed any time and mounted over chase with front engine. I believe sooner or later this is going to happen.
        The fiberglass body is made a little wider, so it can  house wide axles from today's vehicles. There is plenty of room for V8 under the hood. Good donor car is 1968-1973 Opel GT, Triumph Spitfire  chase (required modification here), Ford Mustang from 1964 - 1978 with the new front end "Mustang 2, VW Bug up to 1974 . There are so many examples of different chassis, but for me the best choice is similar chassis to 1935-1941 BMW 328. You can see pictures of the original chase here
         If you like to see pictures on the prototype vehicle please browse the gallery below.