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       The Triumph Spitfire chase modification below is from car replica.

        Please note!

        This is not actual Baroque Angel chase modification. This is just for example!

        The first picture and drawings are not mine! I cannot find the original website to place a link!

        I was able to find more information at locust enthusiasts club. I'm placing a link to them.

        If you are able to find the original website please let me know I will be happy to fix that!

        Picture comment:

        My understanding of this picture is: the shock absorber towers are switched left going to right and right to left side. No welding just bolting job. If this is corect and posible with this modification engine mounts  go behind the front axle. If  shock absorber towers cannot be switched it is necessary to weld motor mounts holders behind the center wheel line. Also the wheelbase must be extended as shown on the picture to obtain 2350mm or 92.1in. The shown 280mm or 11.02in are not actual  for Baroque Angel. They are for different vehicle. You need  242mm or 9.52in extension. The adding on the side of the frame is for rear support arms. The rear end modification shows the added shock absorber tower and base for roll bar if  necessary.

        Please note!

       No actual Baroque Angel car is made on this type chase yet. This is only a suggestion!

       For me this is best and short way to complete drivable Baroque Angel car, because of multiple reasons. Some of them are:

         The chase holds the registration-this is very important!

         The Triumph Spitfire are very affordable donor cars.

         This chase or parts of it have been used in many replica projects.

        Do not forget, to attach body you should build internal support (adapter). In case of accident the internal support must hold all forces. The fiberglass body is strong but not strong enough. Treat the body as decoration to pleasure your eyes!

         Many replicas are built just with fiberglass bodies and for me this is very, very wrong and I cannot accept it! This is madness!

         Let's be smart, let's have a fun and let's enjoy our dreams responsibly!

         In the future my plans are to build  Baroque Angel car over modified chase from Triumph Spitfire as described above. When? I don't know. I have to many projects! 

         I hope this information is helpful.

         Important chase and additional information here